Installing FS on Win 7 x86

Rather than spending my time installing a new Debian dev system, then building OpenWRT etc, I will see how FS and FusionPBX operate on Windows. I am not the first so it is only a matter of working through the details. End goal might be to run this combo on my Windows Home Server, it is up 7/24 anyway.


  1. download FreeSWITCH-x86 from the weekly build
  2. Install using the .msi file, I chose Complete
  3. Open a CMD window, run as administrator
  4. C:\Program Files\FreeSWITCH\FreeSwitchConsole.exe to start up FS. Leave this CMD window open, closing it exits FS. Later on you can enable FS as a Service
  5. Allow Firewall access, there will be a pop up from Windows Firewall (or whatever else you have chosen to use for a firewall)
  6. Ensure that your router forwards Port 5080 to your machine
  7. If you are running on a Windows Server or using Windows 7 Prof/Ultimate, install IIS and related tools using Control Panel/Programs and Features. On the left is a link to Enable/Disable Windows Features.
    1. Enable CGI under Application Dev Features of IIS Services
  8. Install  PHP53 and PHP Manager for IIS on your machine using
  9. If you are running FusionPBX on a port other than 80, configure the firewall appropriately
  10. Browse to localhost:< port > and install FusionPBX as per usual instructions.
  11. Enjoy!

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