Installing FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX on WHS V1

The following are the steps used to install the above two packages on WHS V1. The goal is to provide VoIP phone service for a home or small office from a server that is likely to be up 7/24.

The initial steps are done via Remote Desktop


  1. Install FreeSWITCH
    1. open a cmd window and cd to Program Files\freeswitch. Type ‘freeswitchconsole –install’ to setup as a Service.
    2. Don’t start the service just yet though.
  2. Download and install FastCGI from, get the manual install X86 version (don’
  3. Install and configure PHP5.3 using these instructions, use the Non-Thread safe VC9 .msi fileTest PHP to ensure it is working (create a test page)
  4. Configure FastCGI to work with PHP, use either the script or manual method of configuration
  5. Install Tortoise SVN
  6. Create a FusionPBX directory under c:\inetpub
  7. Download the current version of FusionPBX using SVN (right click on directory then SVN Checkout)
  8. Right click on c:\inetpub\FusionPBX, For Users in Security/Add/Advanced, set Full Control and Apply
  9. Add a web site link for FusionPBX to Remote login page
    1. Edit c:\inetpub\Remote\WebSite.xml, create an Internal Web Site entry, URI is /fusionpbx (make very certain that ‘fusionpbx’ is lower case here!!!!)
  10. The rest of the steps can be done from outside of Remote Desktop
  11. Browse to https://<your WHS server>/remote, log in and click on FusionPBX. If FPBX says that the directory is not writeable, figure out what step above that you missed/messed up
  12. Configure FusionPBX, happy phone calls
  13. Back in Remote Desktop: Right click on c:\inetpub\FusionPBX, For User in Security/Add/Advanced, clear Full Control (leave all the others set) and Apply

That’s it, you are done except for the details:

  1. Disable direct access to FusionPBX via web! (How did they do this with Intranet site?
  2. Manage FS log files

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